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Protecting the Future

To build a better future and watch your money grow, call 317-993-3346.

WestPoint Financial serves individuals, families and businesses.

Our services include:

Wealth Management for Seniors 

We are experts in helping soon-to-be retirees make the best choices when it comes to choosing social security benefits and creating guaranteed streams of revenue.

Financial Planning for Parents to Pay for College

Our professionals at WestPoint Financial are trained College Planning Specialists who have a team in place to provide parents and their children with knowledge-based solutions for college financing.

Self-Directed Pension Plans

Individuals with a lump sum of money can fund their own pension plan, with an assurance of no loss of principal and a guaranteed stream of revenue for the rest of their life.

Tax-Free Retirement

The number one fear for the senior community is to outlive their money. We are experts at helping individuals during their accumulation period of their life to maximize their standard of living in their golden years, while protecting the ones they love most.

Mortgage Protection

Our team helps persons who have recently acquired a new, refinanced or a second mortgage put protection into place that will aid their families or loved ones to keep the home in the event of their death or disability. 

Final Expense 

This service is ideal for individuals who want to guarantee no financial burden on loved ones when they pass on.

Licensed: Life, Accidental and Health

Insured: WestPoint Financial Services, LLC.

WestPoint Financial Services

We never like to think of the what-ifs. However, if you’re newly married, just had a baby, bought a house, or reached some other milestone, what would happen to your loved ones if you pass?

A life insurance plan safeguards the future and lifestyle of those you care about the most.

Secure a better and brighter financial future! Contact us by calling 317-993-3346

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